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Classical Ballet

A sound foundation in the Cecchetti Method of classical ballet allows our students to progress through the ESB Ballet Progressions of Canada  to the Cecchetti Grade and Standard exam work.  Classes focus on the development of classical ballet technique, strength, placement, movement and the love and enjoyment of ballet.  On completion of Jr. 3 with a high mark,  students may move into the Cecchetti Exam, Competitive Ballet stream or the non-competitive stream.   Competitive and recreational classes are available  from beginner to advanced levels.

Length of lessons: 

  • Junior Grades/Progression:  1 hour per week

  • Intermediate to  Senior  Students:  1 ¼ to 3 hours per week

Cecchetti Ballet Exam Classes

The Cecchetti Method is an internationally recognized system of classical ballet training, endorsed by the Cecchetti Society of Canada, Cecchetti International Classical Ballet and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance, London England.  Exam classes are for those serious students who wish to concentrate on increased levels of technique and artistry.  Classes will cover the International Syllabi set out by the Cecchetti Society of Canada.  Dancers are expected to achieve at a high level of proficiency.  We are proud to offer classes in both the Cecchetti Grades and Standards systems, which allows for appropriate placement of most serious students based on their individual capabilities.  Exams are available in both streams.  Students must have passed Junior 3 and be registered in Junior 4 or higher to begin Cecchetti exam classes.  All  Cecchetti students from Gr. 1 to Advanced will participate in our large group dance at the year end recital,  lovingly referred to as “the Cecchetti Dance.” 

Length of lessons: 

  • Grades/Standards  1 - 3   1.25 to 1.5 hours per week

  • Grades/Standards  4, 5, 6 and Sr. Cert.  3 to 4.5 hr. per week

  • Intermediate and Advanced   3 to 4.5 hrs. per week

Pointe Technique Classes

Offered to Intermediate and Senior ballet students, these courses concentrate on more advanced skills and continued development of strength and technique. Students must also be registered in Cecchetti and non-syllabus ballet classes.


Length of Lesson: 


  •  1 - 2 hrs. per week 

Pre-Pointe Class 

This safe introduction to the study of pointe work concentrates on specific exercises designed to promote the strength and understanding of the technical demands required for this specialized area of classical ballet. Students must have attained a minimum of Cecchetti Grade 3 or Standard 4 at a high level and be technically and physically prepared for this work.  For the safety and well-being of our students, correct posture, strength, maturity and physical attributes are assessed by the teaching faculty prior to students starting pointe work.  Students must also be registered in ballet and Cecchetti classes.

Length of Lesson:

  • 30 or 45 minutes per week