Break Dance Crew

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Adult Classes 



We offer Adult tap classes for beginners to intermediate/advanced students. We concentrate on tap fundamentals for technique, clarity and speed. Many tap styles are incorporated into our weekly lessons. Students progress to more advanced steps and intricate combinations. 


We offer Adult jazz classes for beginners to intermediate/advanced students. Jazz dance is a fast paced, high energy class which incorporates technique, strength, stretch and stylized choreography.   As dancers progress, classes focus on a variety of leaps, turns and combinations.  


This exciting, fast-paced, dance form originated in the 1970's.   Hip-Hop dance and music quickly spread around the world and this high energy, stylized dance form is loved by students of all ages.  Dancers will learn many diverse dance styles including breaking, locking, popping, krumping and many more. Exciting choreography, fast footwork, spins, freezes all add to the excitement of our Hip Hop classes. The hip hop class that is offered for the 2019/2020 dance season will be a beginner/intermediate class. 



Ballet classes focus on the development of classical ballet technique, strength, placement, movement and the love and enjoyment of ballet. 

Length of Adult lesson: 


   •  1 hours per week 

More Information: 

- Classes begin in Oct. 

- 10 week sessions

- $165 per session (+GST) 

- Possibility of doing 3 sessions per year 

- No registration or Enrollment fee for adult classes


***Recital participation is optional for all Adult classes.