Young Ballerinas

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                           Pre School Ballet 

          We offer convenient weekday and Saturday                 classes for our littlest dancers!

Tiny Tots Ballet - 3 years of age

Our three (3) year old dancers will discover the beauty, excitement and enjoyment of dance. Creative movement combined with musicality, rhythm and a sense of self-expression will inspire and encourage our youngest dancers to begin to love dance.  We smile, we wiggle and giggle and have lots of have fun while learning the very basics of ballet.

Length of lesson:  30 minutes per week

Classes held:  Sat. 9:45-10:15am  OR  Sat. 12:45-1:15pm      

Pre School Ballet - 4 years of age 

Our four (4) year old dancers will continue to explore balletic movement and will achieve increased balance, coordination, awareness, strength and the ability to move individually and to cooperate and relate within a group. Dance basics increase as we move forward with the age-appropriate steps, songs and creative movement loved by these eager young dancers.  Positive reinforcement and the development of self-confidence are key factors in all classes.

Length of lesson:   45 minutes per week

Classes held:    Sat. 10:15-11:00am  OR   Friday 4:00-4:45pm

Primary Ballet - 5 years of age

Our program for five (5) year old dancers is designed to reinforce the magical connection between the love of movement, the joy of artistic creativity within the world of ballet. Simple steps, incorporating skipping, running, jumping and many basics of actual ballet technique are introduced in a positive, interesting and imaginative way to instill the love of dance in our little dancers.

Length of lesson:  45 minutes per week


Classes held : Friday 4:45-5:30pm  OR  Sat. 9:00-9:45am OR   

                                 Sat. 1:00-1:45pm   

Uniform: Tiny Tots, Pre School and Primary Ballet- available at All 4 Dance, On Stage, Adagio

Bodysuit: Mondor- Long Sleeve,  Style #40097  Color #55 Red.    

Tights: Mondor- Ballerina Pink 

Slipper: Bloch- Leather Split Sole - Dansoft SO258