Primary Jazz

For our five (5) year olds we offer our Primary Jazz classes.  Children will enjoy learning the basics of jazz technique to upbeat music.  Their motor skills are enhanced through movement, travelling steps and musicality.  They finish the class with a fun jazz combination.

Lecky  uniforms for Primary Jazz will be available for purchase at the school in early September.       

Length of lesson:  45 minutes per week


Jazz is a fast paced, high energy class which incorporates technique, strength, stretch and stylized choreography.  As dancers progress, classes also focus on a variety of leaps, turns and combinations.   Competitive classes are available.  Students in competitive jazz classes must also be enrolled in a Jazz stretch and technique class.

Lecky  uniforms for will be available for purchase at the school in early September.                   Length of lesson: 1 hour per week


This combination of jazz and ballet technique portrays an emotion or story based on feeling or style.  Students must have completed a minimum of Jazz Junior 5 and Ballet Junior 5.  They must also be registered in a jazz, a jazz stretch and technique class and ballet classes to be considered for placement in a Lyrical class.

Length of lesson: 1 hour per week


This exciting class is a combination of commercial hip hop and jazz technique. The warm up includes strength and conditioning exercises followed by stretching.  This class is designed to build muscular strength, cardio endurance and the ability to pick up choreography at a faster pace.  This is a great class for the hip-hop dancer who wants to learn more jazz technique and for the jazz dancer who wants to  learn more hip hop style.

Length of Lesson: 1 hour per week